Erectile Dysfunction Causes : Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction

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Video Rating: 0 / 5 — The 9 Conventional ‘Causes’ Of Erectile Dysfunction The first thing I did was look for a possible cause of erectile dysfunction. I was able to condense all of it down into 9 broad groups: Cause -1– Aging… many professionals dispute ‘chronic’ erectile dysfunction yet, at the same time, they can’t deny that a larger number of older men suffer ED than younger men. Cause -2– Insufficient Blood Supply… the main factor here is bad breathing habits, which can be dealt with using a largely unknown yet simple & effective method. Cause -3 — Medical Conditions… diabetes and hypertension are the main two. Cause -4– Drugs… these include pharmaceutical and recreational — also combining the two can make it worse like, for example, Viagra and Ecstasy. Cause -5– Smoking and Alcohol… cigarettes harm and hamper circulation and blood supply and contributes to hardening of the arteries, including those in the penis. Aside from the obvious lung cancer, they also increase disorders of the blood vessels, listed above. Cause -6– Hormonal Imbalances… while testosterone doesn’t directly dictate libido levels (think of young boys who get erections yet have close to zero testosterone) it does affect dopamine levels which trigger the erection chain-of-command (see below). Cause -7– Prostate Cancer and Treatments… up to 90% of men who undergo total removal of the prostate and about 75% of those who have had radiation treatment for prostate cancer experience

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If you’ve ever watched a prime time TV show you’ve seen the ads. Commercials promoting Viagra, Levitra or Cialis – erectile dysfunction drugs. Those medications have helped millions of men have a normal sex life. But how do you know which of those medications, if any, are right for you?

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Not tonight, dear: Women's sex problems linked to headaches
SUMMARY Women who suffer from frequent headaches or migraines have high rates of sexual dysfunction. Therefore, doctors treating people with headaches should routinely ask their patients about sexual problems, the researchers concluded.
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Erectile dysfunction supplement recalled
WASHINGTON — Regeneca Inc. is voluntarily recalling its single-capsule RegenErect dietary supplement because it contains an unlisted product used to correct male erectile dysfunction, the Irvine, California, company said.