After Other Company Abruptly Closes Mens Health Clinic in Omaha, NuMale Medical Center Emphasizes Importance of Working with Qualified, Professional Medical Centers

Omaha, NE (PRWEB) July 17, 2014

After the sudden closing of a mens clinic in Omaha that shocked patients and employees,* NuMale Medical Center is stressing the importance of consulting qualified, medical professionals at reputable treatment facilities.

A well-established, nationwide clinic for mens sexual health run by accomplished physicians, NuMale Medical Center launched its fifth specialty facility in Omaha last week. The company today is assuring current patients and interested consumers in Nebraska that it is here to stay. NuMales Omaha staff looks forward to providing area residents with customized, comprehensive programs for treating male sexual dysfunction and enhancing their health.

In addition to the new Omaha mens clinic, NuMale runs successful health clinics in Milwaukee, WI, Austin, TX, Chicago, IL, and Las Vegas, NV. NuMale expects to open a number of other offices within the coming year.

About NuMale Medical Center

NuMale Medical Center is a leading national provider of customized, comprehensive treatment for male sexual dysfunction and enhancement. NuMale helps men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED), low testosterone (Low-T), premature ejaculation (PE) and low sex drive, utilizing a wide range of the most highly-respected, FDA-approved treatments and therapies including bio-identical hormone replacement and the Priapus shot. Founded and led by accomplished physician Dr. Christopher Asandra, NuMale Medical Center currently runs five nationwide facilities with many more to come. Learn more at and follow the company on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

*Sudden Clinic Closing Shocks Patients & Employees, 7.16.14,–Employees-267438961.html

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