Stock Update: Eli Lilly & Company (NYSE:LLY) – Lilly psoriasis drug impresses

Stock Update: Eli Lilly & Company (NYSE:LLY) – Lilly psoriasis drug impresses
The company's oncology products treat pancreatic, metastatic breast, non-small cell lung, ovarian, bladder, colorectal, and head and neck cancers, as well as malignant pleural mesothelioma; and cardiovascular products are used to treat erectile …
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Ask Dr. K: Different cancers may need different treatments
Because surgery and some non-surgical treatments involve risks, such as erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence. #Men like you often choose active surveillance (also called “watchful waiting”). This strategy involves monitoring the cancer closely …
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David Mamet didn't write the dialogue in this million court order It just
In addition to $ 15 million in redress, the court order banned unsubstantiated claims and required a health warning on products containing yohimbine, an evergreen derivative sold as an impotence treatment. That should have given any prudent marketer 15 …
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Tennessee Pharmacist Robert Harshbarger, lll Recently Spoke at Junes Health Symposium in Kingsport, TN

Kingsport,TN (PRWEB) July 04, 2014

Performance Medicine (Dr. Tom Rogers) and Custom Compounding Centers of America hosted The Truth about Testosterone in association with June being Mens Health Month. The mens health gathering was standing room only and was held at 109 Jack White Drive, Kingsport, TN on June 24, 2014. The public was welcome.

There were several notable speakers who covered various mens health topics; for example: exercise, nutrition, and hormones, which all play key roles in total health. Men dont have to feel like they have been sentenced to feeling like they barely exist due to lack of energy, low libido, and/or depression just to name a few symptoms. I tell my patients we are all guilty of doing nothing; this is the worst thing they can do for their future health and it places them in their own personal prison. We have medical knowledge, studies and information available to help men that we didnt have in past years. We offer a wide variety of nutritional supplements and compounded medications to treat different patient situations, stated Robert Harshbarger, Pharmacist.

According to the American Diabetes Association, as many as 13 million men in the United States may have low testosterone levels and more than 90 percent of them are not being treated. Among those men, some 70 percent report having trouble maintaining erections, a condition called erectile dysfunction, and 63 percent report having a low sex drive.

Testosterone is a steroid hormone that helps regulate sperm development, maintain muscle mass, and boost energy. Both men and women have it, but men produce about ten times more of it than women. Low testosterone is sometimes known as androgen deficiency syndrome; androgen is the term for the male sex hormone and testosterone is the main sex hormone for men.

State and federal healthcare costs have risen in monumental amounts as our overweight and aging population continues to grow and all the cost that goes along with it. This is a real problem that we need to deal with starting today. Its a Win/Win for men; they will look, feel and have better odds of a long life and healthier outcome. I feel passionate speaking to patients about precautionary measures they can take and I get charged up when I counsel patients about lifestyle,” said Dr. Harshbarger.

About Custom Compounding Centers of America:

Custom Compounding Centers of America is locally owned and operated and has proudly served the

Tri-Cities, TN region for over 24 years. CCCA has the knowledge, experience and resources, which include a state of the art facility, that are elite in the industry. CCCA has been making patient specific specialty medications and servicing thousands of patients both locally and nationally over the years. Robert (Bob) Harshbarger, Pharmacist concluded, We strive to set new standards of excellence for our patients and physicians, thats our commitment. For more information visit

About Performance Medicine:

Dr. Tom Rogers is a national speaker for male hormone replacement; he promotes healthy lifestyles to his patients through his passion for fitness and nutrition. He has a fellowship from the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, and has practiced medicine in the Tennessee region for over 28 years.

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2nd Half Of 2014 Biotechnology Catalysts – Part 4

2nd Half Of 2014 Biotechnology Catalysts – Part 4
Stendra is already approved by the FDA for Erectile Dysfunction, and Auxilium and Vivus are seeking to have the FDA update the label to a more favorable label. The drug was created by Vivus, but is marketed in the US and Canada by Auxilium. The …
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What the 'Silent Treatment' Says About Your Relationship
The damage can be emotional and physical; the presence of demand-withdraw pattern is associated with anxiety and aggression as well as physiological effects (urinary, bowel or erectile dysfunction). It's also a very hard pattern to break. “Partners get …
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Jim Robertson, managing editor

Jim Robertson, managing editor
“This response is in reference to the woman who actually compared men taking erectile dysfunction medication to birth control. First of all, the issue in the Hobby Lobby case was not about birth control because Hobby Lobby currently allows women access …
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Generic Viagra Hatches Hidden Drug Billionaire Duo in Brazil
(Updates comment from Bernardo in 20th paragraph) Aug. 12 (Bloomberg) — The day after Pfizer Inc.'s patent for Viagra expired in Brazil, Carlos Sanchez flooded pharmacies with his generic erectile dysfunction pills. It was a day his army of lawyers, …
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Are The ED Pills All The Same?

Dr. Hossein Sadeghi describes factors that physicians consider when determining which ED medication should be prescribed to a patient with erectile dysfunction.
Video Rating: 0 / 5 Veyromax is new herbal formula for men’s potency and sexual health created by Japanese researchers. Optimal herbs’ proportions were comb…
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Married Couples and Sexual Concerns

Married Couples and Sexual Concerns
Even the best marriages have sexual cold fronts and everyday problems–like a crushing work deadline, a sick parent, or an acting-out teen–that can put the chill on romance. But when sex evasion turns into a daily habit, marriage can become an arctic …

Testosterone Levels Low or High What it Means for a Guy
Men with low levels of testosterone experience things like low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, increased breast size and, understandably; considering those symptoms, depression. Men who have problems stemming from low testosterone levels can be …
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Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy Falls Short for Older Men

Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy Falls Short for Older Men
The side effects of hormone therapy are widely reported to include erectile dysfunction, kidney damage, and diabetes. Additionally, significant research links bone weakening and cancer treatment-induced bone loss to hormone therapy, conditions that are …
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Andropeyronie Study Demonstrates Successful Peyronie's Disease Management
Andromedical's study saw 55 patients undergo PTT for six months – between January 2009 and October 2011 – compared with 41 patients with AP of PD who did not receive active treatment, over the same period.More than eight doctors from the Urology and …
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Routine prostate cancer screening 'reduces deaths but leads to overdiagnosis'
Results of a major European study reveal that routine prostate cancer screening reduces deaths from the disease by more than a fifth. But as it also leads to high rates of overdiagnosis, researchers say it is too early to recommend routine screening …
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Don't take chances in treating premature ejaculation

Don't take chances in treating premature ejaculation
Unless a scientifically-proven and expert-recommended medication is available, treating premature ejaculation (PE) can become a “trial and error” affair. PE is the most common male sexual disorder, even more prevalent than erectile dysfunction (ED or …

Bird: Why the Healthcare Industry Needs to Chart a Social Media Course
To many outside healthcare, it has always been puzzling as to why promotional material includes information that a sleep medication "may cause drowsiness" or an erectile dysfunction medicine "may cause an erection lasting longer than four hours" when …
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Discrimination against women remains an issue: Religion should not be reason
I have never heard any controversy regarding erectile dysfunction medication and religion, so I have a hard time accepting the irrational decision by the Supreme Court to allow corporations to deny coverage for birth control if it interferes with their …
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